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Faculty and Staff

Carol A. DeNysschen

Chair and Associate Professor

(716)878-3218 in Caudell Hall and (716)878-6627 in Houston Gym

Campus Address: Caudell Hall 350B and Houston Gym 207

Ph.D., Nutrition and Exercise Science, SUNY University at Buffalo     

R.D., M.P.H., C.D.N.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Research Interests
Nutrition and exercise intervention in chronic diseases.


"Resistance training with soy versus whey protein supplements in hyperlipidemic males." DeNysschen CA, Burton HW, Horvath PJ, Leddy JJ, Browne RW. Journal of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, 6 (8): 1-9, 2009.

"Nutrition Symptom and Body Composition Outcomes of Aerobic Exercise in Women with Breast Cancer." DeNysschen CA, Brown JK, Cho MH, Dodd MJ.  Clinical Nursing Research, 20 (1): 29-46, 2011.

"Comparison of the Prevalence of Malnutrition Diagnosis in Head and Neck, Gastrointestinal and Lung Cancer Patients by 3 Classification Methods." Platek ME, Popp JV, Possinger CS, DeNysschen CA, Horvath PJ, Brown JK.  Cancer Nursing, 35 (4): 410-416, 2011.

"Exercise Intervention in Breast Cancer Patients with Treatment-Induced Arthralgia." DeNysschen CA, Harold HW, Ademuyiwa FB, Levine EG, Tetewsky ST,  O’Connor TL. European Journal of Cancer Care.

"Predictors of 5-year change in plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations in postmenopausal women." Kluczynski MA, Platek ME, DeNysschen CA, Wactawski-Wende J, Millen AE. Journal of Nutrition, 142 (9), 1705-1712, 2012.

Exercise intervention in breast cancer patients with treatment-induced arthralgia. DeNysschen CA, Harold HW, Ademuyiwa FB, Levine EG, Tetewsky ST, O’Connor TL. European Journal of Cancer Care, Epub 12/2/2013; 23 (4), 493-501, 2014.

The physiological effects of Gatorade® versus diluted fruit juice during exercise: a preliminary study. DeNysschen CA, Ford A, Rao T, Zimmerman B. Journal of Food and Nutrition. 1: 1-6. August 2014.

Healthy lifestyle behaviors of breast cancer survivors. DeNysschen CA, PhD, MPH, RD, Brown JK, PhD, RN, FAAN,  Tetewsky S, PhD, Bates M, MA, Wilding GE, PhD, Cho MH, PhD, RN,  Dodd M, PhD, RN, FAAN. Clinical Nursing Research, 24 (5), 504-525, 2014.

Optimal Nutrition and Hydration through the Surgical Treatment Trajectory. DeNysschen CA, Platek ME, Hemler D, Aronoff N, Zafron ML. Seminars in Oncology Nursing. Publish date: February 2017.

Professional Development Activities and Support Among Physical Education Teachers in the United States. Cardina CE, DeNysschen CA. The Physical Educator.  Accepted 9/29/16.


Courses Taught

NFS 102  Introduction to Nutrition

NFS 230  Introduction to the Dietetics Profession

NFS 401 Medical Nutrition I  (current)

NFS 402 Medical Nutrition II  (current)

NFS 405 Principles of Nutrition Education

NFS 445 Nutrition Care A

NFS 446  Nutrition Care B

NFS 447  Nutrition Care C

NFS 450W Senior Practicum (current)

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Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics

Dietetics and Nutrition: Caudell Hall 334
Phone: (716) 878-5913 •  Fax: (716) 878-5834

Health, Wellness, Exercise Science: Houston Gym 202
Phone: (716) 878-6501  •  Fax: (716) 878-4753
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