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Applying for Coaching Certification

Those not holding a valid NYS teacher or pupil personnel certification need to apply for a coaching license (volunteers, nurses, teaching assistants, community members, etc.) through TEACH Online Services. Candidates may only be appointed if there are no certified teachers available with experience and qualifications to coach the sport.


  • Valid First Aid
  • Valid CPR Certification
  • Workshop: Child Abuse Identification
  • Workshop: School Violence Intervention and Prevention (SAVE)
  • Workshop: Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
  • Fingerprint Clearance

Optional: School District Recommendation

Fees: There are separate fees for each sport coached.


About the Courses

All three coaching courses (Principles, Philosophy, and Organization of Athletics in Education; Health Sciences for Coaching and Theory & Techniques of Coaching for specific sports) must be completed within 5 years of the effective date of the first temporary coaching license. 

Each temporary coaching license is valid for one year and can be renewed for up to four additional years while completing the requirements for the Professional Coaching License.

Professional Coaching License

If you held at least two temporary coaching licenses in the same sport and have at least three seasons coaching under those temporary licenses, you may be eligible for a professional coaching license in the same sport as the temporary licenses.

Apply for the appropriate license on the TEACH system.

Equivalent Experience

Applicants who have taken college-level coaching courses similar to the NYS required coursework may request a review of transcripts and course descriptions from the State Education Department (SED) for equivalent experience.

Application Instructions

Filling Out Your Application

All applications are done online at:

New Users
Select TEACH Online Services. Select “Create a TEACH Account”. Be sure to record your user name and password for future logins.

Returning Users
“Login to TEACH” to access your information.

Certificate Application*
Select: Apply for a Certificate and select the following:

  • Area of Interest: Other School Service
  • Subject Area: Coaching
  • Grade Level: Adolescent: Grades 7-12
  • Title: Select your sport
  • Select your Type of Certificate
  • Pathway: Individual Evaluation

*If you need to apply for more than one sport, select additional certificates.

BOCES Review

Your application must be reviewed by a BOCES. 

I want my application to be reviewed by the BOCES Regional Certification Office.
Choose: Erie 1 BOCES. 

If you do not find the BOCES by selecting the School District option, choose by selecting County.

If you do not select Erie I BOCES, the Erie 1 BOCES Regional Certification Office cannot access or assist you with any issues in your TEACH Account.

Temporary License Application
Please submit all required documentation/forms online to your athletic director. Your athletic director will forward your documentation and cover sheet to Erie 1 BOCES for processing.

If you have applied for a professional license, or a professional license renewal, please submit all documentation directly to Erie 1 BOCES for processing.

Temporary License or Temporary License Renewal
You must have a commitment from a School District for employment. The School District will enter a Superintendent Statement into TEACH. Your application will not be complete without receipt of this electronic statement.

You and your school district will be able to check your TEACH account to determine the status of your application.